Friday, 2 February 2007

Straight out of the shoebox

Freshly ripped from cassette, here's a mix I did in 1996, trip hop galore

Side A

Earthling- 1st Transmission (remix)
Mr Scruff- Tubby's Mechanical Friend
Small World- Shuttle 358
DJ Krush- Duality (part 1)
Fugees- Fu-Gee-La (remix)
Herbaliser- A Mother
David Holmes- Gone (remix)
2 Players- Extreme Possibilities (remix)
Spacer- Sad Eyes
Nutsek- Graffiti
Spaceways- Japanese Flute (remix)
Moloko- Fun For Me (remix)

Side B

Luke Vibert- Get Your Head Down
Mighty Bop- Obscure
Propellerheads- Go Faster
Red- Squealer
Sie & N:M Ratio- Deep Blue
Rockmaster Scott- The Roof Is On Fire
Luke Vibert- A Polished Solid
Howie B- Hed West
Information Society- Running
Jenny Devivo- Love Is All I Live For
Obo- Q
Karma- The Best Is Yet To Come

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