Monday, 22 June 2009

more hip hop goodies

More cl@ssics, a couple of my favourites ever on here (Ill Squad Production and Dose Material)

Brand Nubian- Feels So Good
Fascinating Force- Do My Thing
Barsha- Internal Affairs
Schoolly D- Living In The Jungle
Three Times Dope- Greatest Man Alive
Ultramagnetic MCs- Make It Happen (remix)
MC Lyte- Not Wit’ A Dealer (Chuck D & Terminator X remix)
KGB- Big Payback
Choice MC- This Is The B-Side (Tony D mix)
Ill Squad Productions- On A Roll (New York mix)
Dose Material- Outlaw
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B- Listen To The Man
Union- The Union
Level One- (Keep The) Crowd In Peace
Bad Boys- Tear Up Shop
Black By Demand- Can’t Get Enough
Ultramagnetic MCs- Give The Drummer Some (inst)
Ultramagnetic MCs- Feelin’ It
Renaissance- Flyz In Da Attic
Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M- F.A.L.L.I.N (And Ya Can’t Get Up)
Phase N Rhythm- Hook N Sling
Paris- Break The Grip Of Shame
Overlord X- 2 Bad (inst)
LL Cool J- It Get’s No Rougher


Friday, 19 June 2009

Conspiracy Radio mix

I did this mix for Soleboy/Tat's show on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio

Business as usual really, a couple of hip hop reggae things salvaged from an abandoned mix, some tasty treats...

Ultimate Force- I’m Not Playin’ (inst)
Poor Righteous Teachers- Strictly Mash’ion (acapella)
Joeski Love- Pee Wee’s Dance (acapella beat)
Funkdoobiest- Shittin’ On ‘Em (inst)
Son House- Motherless Children
Groove Asylum- We Love ‘Em
Cutty Ranks- The Stopper (Main Attraction mix)
Danny Red- Riddim Wize
D.O.C- It’s Funky Enough
Mantronix- Get Stupid Fresh Pt.1
Low Profile- Hip Hop I Crave
ADOR- One For The Trouble (dramapella/inst)
Black Attack- Verbal Attack (inst)
Eric B & Rakim- In The Ghetto (Drums & Rakim)
King Tee- Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)
OG Style- Listen To The Drum
Boogie Down Productions- A Word From Our Sponsor (inst)
Butchy B- Hip Hop Terrorist (acapella)
Dana Dane- Cinderfella Dana Dane (inst)
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd- Girls I Got ‘Em Locked
Nine- Whutcha Want (inst)
Capleton- Tour (acapella)
Double XX Posse- On A Mission
True Culture- So Good, It’s Bad
King Tee- At Your Own Risk (5AM mix)
Taking Your Business- Show ‘Em How It’s Done
Kool D & Technolo G- Go To Work
Three Times Dope- Original Stylin’
3rd Bass- Portrait Of An Artist As A Hood (remix)
Freshco- 4 At A Time (Caught In The Middle Mix)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hip hop- A (slight) mix

Been enjoying and buying a lot of old hip hop again, put some of them next to each other with the ends touching. Two of these I don't have- one I will get and one I don't know how to.

Some well known classics, some just off the radar, nothing with really silly secret society soggy biscuit paul c dj ivory r@re prices. Buy some.

And listen some

Stereo MCs- What Is Soul (remix) (Gee Street)
The Fed- Cut Dirge (Randall Records)
Mixmaster Spade and Compton Posse- Genius Is Back (LA Posse)
King Tee- Payback’s A Mutha (Techno Hop)
Steady B- Bring The Beat Back (Pop Art)
Rayrock & KC- Rayrock Kick It (Cutting)
Boogie Boys- Runs It (dub) (Capitol)
Cool C- I Gotta Habit (remix) (Atlantic)
The Lover Kool Dee & DJ Freeze- The Crew (Is In The House) (Next Plateau)
Public Enemy- Tie Goes To The Runner (inst) (Def Jam)
Sugar Bear- Ready To Penetrate (Coslit)
Antoinette- Hit ‘Em With This (Next Plateau)
Word of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese- Coast To Coast (Profile)
T La Rock- Back To Burn (10 Records)
MC Player- The Kid’s A Wizzard (4-Sight)
MC Shy D- Yes Yes Y’all (Luke Skyywalker)
2 Tough MC- Let’s Rock (Milo Records)
Prime Time- So Damn Tough (Suntown Records)
Domination- You Haven’t Heard Nothing (Warner Bros)
Exotic Don & Master Vic- Cutt Loose (4th & Broadway)
D-Nice- Crumbs On The Table (Otis Mix acapella) (Jive)
Mobski- Discription (Zakia)
Massive Attack- Any Love (Massive Attack Records)
Seville & Jazzy J- Envious (Omar Santana edit) (Cutting)
Schoolly D- Treacherous (remix) (Jive)
Ronin- Pure Power (Ronin)
Antoinette- The Girl’s Off On Her Own (remix) (Next Plateau)
Cash Crew- One Decade (Vinyl Solution)