Monday, 23 April 2007

Grouper- Cover the Windows and the Walls

Just received this today and what a lovely album it is. If you've heard the previous albums you know what to expect-Liz Harris' vocals and guitar (I think) drones hidden under lashings and lashings of reverb heard from the end of a long dark tunnel.

It's limited to 300, vinyl only so be quick before it's gone.

Here's some clips

Cover the Windows and Walls

Heart Current

You Never Came

Buy it

Friday, 20 April 2007

Peter Wright

I've really been enjoying various CDs by drone master Peter Wright this week. I ordered Crater Lake and Unvarnished, Untreated, Unzipped from Volcanic Tongue this week (incidentally, the fastest delivery known to man) and, although I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of the noisier drone stuff (and a lot of Peter Wright's earlier material has been pretty gentle), these built up so well that I was more than able to enjoy the ride.

Although these releases have one long track each (Unvarnished has two performances of the same piece) at no time do they get dull, the drones and effects constantly morph and build to the very end and silence. If anything sounded like a snowball hurtling down a hill and off a cliff it's this. Sort of.

Looking forward to the double CD forthcoming on Students Of Decay too.

The Terrible Realisation We Might Be Wrong

Folk Song For Contradiction

Blue Light District

Mixes galore

Ninja Forum resident Gas has set up a page with links to various mixes from all over the digital joint. Plenty of mine up there (really though, I run this internet game) and plenty more besides.



I now have the ability to transfer old video tapes to digital, and have been digging out some old tapes and putting the best bits on Youtube.

Something for everyone really, provided everyone likes '80s hip hop and a bit of under-rated mid '90s (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH)trip hop.

Check them out here and maybe leave a daft comment.

For your watching pleasure, here's one I've uploaded with me in it. Back in the future school days (I date everything using a system devised on the shout outs on PE albums) I used to provide the chiddly-whips for Earthling, and you can see me and my enormously long and winding fingers below.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Movement X

Movement X get no love @ the internet, so here's a track from their album called "I Deal With Mathematics". Always loved the scratches on this.

The album's worth picking up if you see it cheap, the 12" "Freedom's Got a Shotgun" was good too.

Head knowledge

Also, it's well worth a go on this track "Zig Zag Zig", again nice scratches and some super science to your dome. I assume the "I wax the fanny" line doesn't mean what I assume it means.

Deep ish

High Performance

Here's an old favourite of mine, High Performance's Curtis Mayfield sampling "The Hill". Always used to make me feel a little bit sad and a whole lot GONGSTAR.

Keeping it real

Good Hip House shocker

Now most hip hop was un-good, but this track was pretty tasty, KRS One hating Rockwell Noel and the Poet with the one like Massacre. This is the hip hop mix but it still keeps the hip house flavours of the other mixes on the 12" with its Todd Terry keyboards.

Jack the groove here

Funkmaster Flex and Nine Double M

Have a listen to this, Funkmaster Flex (of Funkmaster Flex and Westwood sitting in a tree fame) and Nine Double M (later just Nine) F.A.L.L.I.N.G, a nice 12" on Warlock that you may not know.

Anyway, it's a good 'un.

Peep peep here