Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fresh Start to the Week "podcast"

Not really (at all) sure how to do a podcast so here's an mp3 of a three hour '88 special I did recently on my Monday night ustream show. Quite a random selection, messy and plenty of great stuff missing but enjoyable all the same.

It was a good year.

MC Tee & Lord Tasheen- Gangster Nine
Mixmaster Spade- Genius is Back
Prince Quick Mix and Derrick Dee- Good Foot
TDS Mob- Crushin’
Extra Curricular- Go With the Flow
Kid Flash- Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Party
Black by Demand- Can’t Get Enough
Kid N Play- Gittin’ Funky
Steady B- Let the Hustlers Play
Kool D & Technolo G- Go to Work
Scholar 1- Turn up the Radio
Busy Boys- Classical
4-Ever Fresh- Urban Sound Surgeon
Jungle Brothers- Because I Got It Like That
ESP- Get Up and Get Widit
Velore and Double O- We Had Enough
MC Breeze & DJ Trevor- Damn I’m Good
Father MC and the 1st Fleet Crew- I’m Getting Better
Masters of Ceremony- Dynamite
Superlover Cee and Casanova Rudd- Super Casanova
3-D- Greatest Man Alive
Cool C- C is Cool
Schoolly D- Treacherous
Boogie Down Productions- Still #1
Taking Your Business- Long Live Hip Hop
T La Rock- You Got the Time
Mikey D- Out of Control
Boogie Boys- KMD Step Off
The Lover Kool D and DJ Freeze- The Crew (Is In the House)
Level One- Keep the Crowd in Peace
Dose Material- Outlaw
Ill Squad Productions- I’m On a Roll
Deuces is Wild- Five Times the Rhymer
MC Sugar Ray and Stranger D- Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray (45 King remix)
Antoinette- Unfinished Business
Chill Rob G- Dope Rhymes
Hot Day Dante- Hot Day’s Turn
Doc Luv and Kev-Ski- Overdose
Tool Kool Posse- Give ‘Em a Sample
Kings of Swing- Stop Jockin’ James
Demon Boyz- Vibes
MC EZ and Troup- Just Rhymin’
Sugar Bear- Ready to Penetrate
Queen Latifah- Wrath of My Madness
MC Lyte- 10% Dis
De La Soul- Potholes in My Lawn
Posr Amojo- No Justice, No Peace
Biz Markie- Biz is Goin’ Off

Get it here