Sunday, 20 December 2009

I look pretty tall but my heels are high

Here’s a mix thing what, just tracks using Melvin Blissesese’s’s’s’s’s Synthetic Substitution. Mildly mixed but needed to be done, here’s what’s on it

OG Style- Catch ‘Em Slippin’

Great track from a great album, he even says “we’ve been waiting on this break for a long time”. Clever. I always hears “what about the doubters” as “what about the downloads”. Even before they invented them. Double clever.

De La Soul- Potholes in My Lawn

De La also use the drums in Stone Age and Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa (would have been seasonal) but here they use the piano yeah.

The Pharcyde- Ya Mama

Your mum.

Ghostface Killah- Mighty Healthy

Same break and some of the same lyrics as the next track.

Divine Force- Holy War

As interpolated by Ghostface (^this^). The best thing they did. Got this for 20p.

Ultramagnetic MCs- Ego Trippin’

The oldest track on this? Probably. One of the best? Yes.

Frankie Cutlass- Boriquas on the Set

Fat Joe and stuff.

Bizmarkie- Cool V’s Tribute to Scratching

Biz is also on De La’s Substitution sampling Stone Age. SIX DEGREES OF KEVIN BACON. Big Daddy Kane’s Just Rhymin’ With Biz uses a bit of Substitution too. As does Looks Like a Job For.

Wu-Tang Clan- Clan in da Front

Rza and the Wu love this break. Because it’s good.

Gang Starr- Code of the Streets

Primo with the substitution break. Also using one of my favourite scratch sounds.

Naughty By Nature- OPP (inst)

As heard in the summer of whenever. Yeah, you know how I roll.

Tony D- Adam’s Nightmare

The beat that Naughty by Nature nicked. Another hip hop legend gone this year.

Public Enemy- Don’t Believe the Hype

Reminds me of a 6th form ice skating trip. Oh how we laughed. PE like the break too.

Gang Starr- Dwyck

Primo again. You know the one. The lemonade one.

Prince Rakeem- Deadly Venoms

Pre-Wu Rza. You disagree with me, fuck you mister.

Def Jef- Black to the Future

He’s Def and his name is Jef. He did some alright tracks.

Nice and Smooth- Skill Trade

Just the piano again. Just little bits though.

Supreme Nyborn- Versatile Extension

Let’s remix it. Booom

EMF- Rough Potential

Not that EMF but ^that^ EMF, Electro Motive Force. Incidentally I saw EMF (that EMF) supporting Boo Ya Tribe many years ago. Big boy riddims.

Schoolly D- Saturday Night

How the fluck did he get so cool. Could have also used Saturday Night Live by Masta Ace which uses large bits of the break, and has Premier on it. KEVIN BACON.

Choice MCs- This is the B-Side

Better than the A-side. Pianos and that.

Public Enemy- Brothers Gonna Work It Out (dub)

They did a track called The B-Side Wins again but this was an A-side. Weird. Could have included Miuzi Weighs a Ton too, if it would mix nice.

BTX- This Jam is Black

Super, a sprightly number from the great Select label.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince- Jazzy’s Groove

Final track and cut short before Grover Washington Jr comes in just in case it provoked a facebook group to try to post a mix of shouty rap metal instead.

Listen to it

Friday, 27 November 2009

Does that mean I'm insane

As well as hearing the Scalper album, I've had a sneak preview of some new Earthling tracks. Good to hear this thing happening again, I ain't saying nuffink to no-one though, you'll just have to wait.

Scalper- Black Glory/Zero

Nepotism aside, having had the pleasure of hearing the forthcoming Scalper album, Flesh and Bones in full I have to say (or type even seeings as I'm not very sociable) that it's one of the best hip hop albums I've heard in a good while. The darkness is toned down from the earlier EPs (that's moving away from Ilford for you) and rather than smacking you round the face it's asking you to come in, have some tea and spend a while. Then you realise you've had so much tea you can't go just yet because you've got a weak bladder. And it's nice here so you stay.

Truly though bruv, thing, yeah, it's a beautiful album, lovely blend of samples and live instrumentation, dark and light, big and small. Just make sure you grab a copy when it's out February 2010. In the meantime two tracks are now available on itunes and amplifier so get them to tide you over.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Backspinning on the turntables

I've always loved (LOVED) the I'm On a Roll/Making a Killing 12" by Ill Squad Production, possibly first heard on John Peel's show (as most things were in thems days). It was mixed by Backspin aka Backspin the Vibe Chemist aka Marlon King and by the magic of discogs, rather than being arsed to read the credits on the records, I found he's had a hand in a few other favourites.

He was down with Leaders of the New School in some capacity, producing a few tracks on A Future Without A Past and a couple on T.I.M.E, and Busta Rhymes' first album. He also produced the classic at my house "Wild For The Night" by Rampage (the Last Boyscout), maybe through the Busta Rhymes connection.

Another early production was The Prophet L-Cee's Ace of S.P.A.D.E 12", another cracker from the late '80's.

Not a great deal else though, quality not quantity bruv mate though I guess.

Have a listen to some of them below and go pick them up cheaply.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Weak scan pun....

Who is the scan with the master plan?

Yes We Scan Scan

Born In The 'Bridge

Looking through the Born In The Bronx book it occurred to me that I had a bag full of old flyers and tickets unseen by the internets. Anyway, scan we kick it?

Where are my beatbox stickers and badges?

I've got two letters from Westwood (with slightly different Westwoodisms) but can't find one beatbox sticker or badge. In fact I don't remember ever having a beatbox sticker...

Monday, 22 June 2009

more hip hop goodies

More cl@ssics, a couple of my favourites ever on here (Ill Squad Production and Dose Material)

Brand Nubian- Feels So Good
Fascinating Force- Do My Thing
Barsha- Internal Affairs
Schoolly D- Living In The Jungle
Three Times Dope- Greatest Man Alive
Ultramagnetic MCs- Make It Happen (remix)
MC Lyte- Not Wit’ A Dealer (Chuck D & Terminator X remix)
KGB- Big Payback
Choice MC- This Is The B-Side (Tony D mix)
Ill Squad Productions- On A Roll (New York mix)
Dose Material- Outlaw
Kev-E-Kev & AK-B- Listen To The Man
Union- The Union
Level One- (Keep The) Crowd In Peace
Bad Boys- Tear Up Shop
Black By Demand- Can’t Get Enough
Ultramagnetic MCs- Give The Drummer Some (inst)
Ultramagnetic MCs- Feelin’ It
Renaissance- Flyz In Da Attic
Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M- F.A.L.L.I.N (And Ya Can’t Get Up)
Phase N Rhythm- Hook N Sling
Paris- Break The Grip Of Shame
Overlord X- 2 Bad (inst)
LL Cool J- It Get’s No Rougher


Friday, 19 June 2009

Conspiracy Radio mix

I did this mix for Soleboy/Tat's show on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio

Business as usual really, a couple of hip hop reggae things salvaged from an abandoned mix, some tasty treats...

Ultimate Force- I’m Not Playin’ (inst)
Poor Righteous Teachers- Strictly Mash’ion (acapella)
Joeski Love- Pee Wee’s Dance (acapella beat)
Funkdoobiest- Shittin’ On ‘Em (inst)
Son House- Motherless Children
Groove Asylum- We Love ‘Em
Cutty Ranks- The Stopper (Main Attraction mix)
Danny Red- Riddim Wize
D.O.C- It’s Funky Enough
Mantronix- Get Stupid Fresh Pt.1
Low Profile- Hip Hop I Crave
ADOR- One For The Trouble (dramapella/inst)
Black Attack- Verbal Attack (inst)
Eric B & Rakim- In The Ghetto (Drums & Rakim)
King Tee- Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)
OG Style- Listen To The Drum
Boogie Down Productions- A Word From Our Sponsor (inst)
Butchy B- Hip Hop Terrorist (acapella)
Dana Dane- Cinderfella Dana Dane (inst)
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd- Girls I Got ‘Em Locked
Nine- Whutcha Want (inst)
Capleton- Tour (acapella)
Double XX Posse- On A Mission
True Culture- So Good, It’s Bad
King Tee- At Your Own Risk (5AM mix)
Taking Your Business- Show ‘Em How It’s Done
Kool D & Technolo G- Go To Work
Three Times Dope- Original Stylin’
3rd Bass- Portrait Of An Artist As A Hood (remix)
Freshco- 4 At A Time (Caught In The Middle Mix)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hip hop- A (slight) mix

Been enjoying and buying a lot of old hip hop again, put some of them next to each other with the ends touching. Two of these I don't have- one I will get and one I don't know how to.

Some well known classics, some just off the radar, nothing with really silly secret society soggy biscuit paul c dj ivory r@re prices. Buy some.

And listen some

Stereo MCs- What Is Soul (remix) (Gee Street)
The Fed- Cut Dirge (Randall Records)
Mixmaster Spade and Compton Posse- Genius Is Back (LA Posse)
King Tee- Payback’s A Mutha (Techno Hop)
Steady B- Bring The Beat Back (Pop Art)
Rayrock & KC- Rayrock Kick It (Cutting)
Boogie Boys- Runs It (dub) (Capitol)
Cool C- I Gotta Habit (remix) (Atlantic)
The Lover Kool Dee & DJ Freeze- The Crew (Is In The House) (Next Plateau)
Public Enemy- Tie Goes To The Runner (inst) (Def Jam)
Sugar Bear- Ready To Penetrate (Coslit)
Antoinette- Hit ‘Em With This (Next Plateau)
Word of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese- Coast To Coast (Profile)
T La Rock- Back To Burn (10 Records)
MC Player- The Kid’s A Wizzard (4-Sight)
MC Shy D- Yes Yes Y’all (Luke Skyywalker)
2 Tough MC- Let’s Rock (Milo Records)
Prime Time- So Damn Tough (Suntown Records)
Domination- You Haven’t Heard Nothing (Warner Bros)
Exotic Don & Master Vic- Cutt Loose (4th & Broadway)
D-Nice- Crumbs On The Table (Otis Mix acapella) (Jive)
Mobski- Discription (Zakia)
Massive Attack- Any Love (Massive Attack Records)
Seville & Jazzy J- Envious (Omar Santana edit) (Cutting)
Schoolly D- Treacherous (remix) (Jive)
Ronin- Pure Power (Ronin)
Antoinette- The Girl’s Off On Her Own (remix) (Next Plateau)
Cash Crew- One Decade (Vinyl Solution)

Saturday, 2 May 2009


some things that I've done recently

Pete Rock mix- what I just said

2 hour mix of all sorts- getting rid of a few half done mixes

Autechre- Doctrine
LA Dream Team- The Dream Team is in the House
Steve Masters- Turntable Aktion (acapella)
?- Satosushi
Murcof- Mapa
Uusitalo- Lasi Hajoaa
Sleeparchive- Hospital 04
Tek 9- Space ‘91
Cobblestone Jazz- India In Me
Pelon- No Stunts
Oracy- ?
Shed- That Beats Everything
DJ Naughty- Hear My Sound
Hard House Banton- Reign
Kode 9- 2 Far Gone
Twilight 22- Siberian Nights
B12- Metropolis
Unknown DJ- 808 Beats
D Nice- TR 808 Is Coming
DJ Maxximus- Neo
Third Sight- Will I Get Shot By a Dope Fiend
Joker- Digidesign
2562- Kontrol
Synkro- Hold On
Kontext- Plumes (Relocate mix)
Spatial- 70810
Loco Dice- M Train to Brooklyn
Matias Aguayo- Bondhi
Dollkraut- Milkmanners
Gowentgone- Point Blank (Sven’s Blank Cut mix)
DJ Maxximus- Israhell
Disrupt- THC 1138
El Remolon- Cumbia Bichera
Leonard DStroy- Sweet Dreams
Dam Funk- Indigo
LL Cool J- I Need a Beat
Aardvarck- Smurf
Fulgeance- I Luv You
Eliott Lipp- Beamrider
Poor Righteous Teachers- Strictly Mash’ion (acapella)
Pete Rock- Walk On By
Eugene McDaniels- Cherrystones
Funkdoobiest- Shittin’ On ‘Em (inst)
Son House- Motherless Children
Queen Lisa Lee- I’m a Pioneer
Tipper- Cycleswithcycleswithin
DJ Cheese & Word of Mouth- Coast to Coast (inst)
Mangrove- 77 Riddim
NWA- If It Ain’t Ruff
Dana Dane- Dana Dane With Fame
Downtown Science- Out There But In There (inst)
Ice T- Doggin’ The Wax (inst)
JJ Cale- Don’t Cry Sister
Beatnuts- Fried Chicken (inst)
Krown Rulers- Call Me The New Sire
SWV- I’m So Into You
Jaz O- Foundation (remix)
EPMD- You Gots To Chill (acapella)
Latyrx- Lady Don’t Tek No Words
Fulgeance- Low Club Anthem
Debruit- Gros
Daniel Savio- Diamond Sutra

Record noise- an hour an a bit of records jumping. ON TOP OF EACH OTHER.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Some mixes I've done recently (may contain compilations)

Female MCs (this is a mixture (aka compilation) rather than a mix,"mixtape" makers)

Marley Marl tribute

Various hip hop that's stood the test of time