Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hip hop- A (slight) mix

Been enjoying and buying a lot of old hip hop again, put some of them next to each other with the ends touching. Two of these I don't have- one I will get and one I don't know how to.

Some well known classics, some just off the radar, nothing with really silly secret society soggy biscuit paul c dj ivory r@re prices. Buy some.

And listen some

Stereo MCs- What Is Soul (remix) (Gee Street)
The Fed- Cut Dirge (Randall Records)
Mixmaster Spade and Compton Posse- Genius Is Back (LA Posse)
King Tee- Payback’s A Mutha (Techno Hop)
Steady B- Bring The Beat Back (Pop Art)
Rayrock & KC- Rayrock Kick It (Cutting)
Boogie Boys- Runs It (dub) (Capitol)
Cool C- I Gotta Habit (remix) (Atlantic)
The Lover Kool Dee & DJ Freeze- The Crew (Is In The House) (Next Plateau)
Public Enemy- Tie Goes To The Runner (inst) (Def Jam)
Sugar Bear- Ready To Penetrate (Coslit)
Antoinette- Hit ‘Em With This (Next Plateau)
Word of Mouth ft. DJ Cheese- Coast To Coast (Profile)
T La Rock- Back To Burn (10 Records)
MC Player- The Kid’s A Wizzard (4-Sight)
MC Shy D- Yes Yes Y’all (Luke Skyywalker)
2 Tough MC- Let’s Rock (Milo Records)
Prime Time- So Damn Tough (Suntown Records)
Domination- You Haven’t Heard Nothing (Warner Bros)
Exotic Don & Master Vic- Cutt Loose (4th & Broadway)
D-Nice- Crumbs On The Table (Otis Mix acapella) (Jive)
Mobski- Discription (Zakia)
Massive Attack- Any Love (Massive Attack Records)
Seville & Jazzy J- Envious (Omar Santana edit) (Cutting)
Schoolly D- Treacherous (remix) (Jive)
Ronin- Pure Power (Ronin)
Antoinette- The Girl’s Off On Her Own (remix) (Next Plateau)
Cash Crew- One Decade (Vinyl Solution)


Harvey said...

Lovely stuff pete keep it up!

bobby corridor said...

Thanks, I think I may have found the other mix you wanted. Or at least signs of it.

harvey said...

The Straight out of the Shoe box mix? I'll be grateful if you still can get it.

bobby corridor said...