Thursday, 28 October 2010

1992 too

Diamond D- Best Kept Secret
EPMD- Brothers from Brentwood LI
Das EFX- They Want EFX
Demon Boyz- Glimmity Glammity
Gang Starr- Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) (remix)
Chubb Rock- The Big Man (remix)
Kurious- Walk Like a Duck
Nas- Half Time (remix)
Catch 22- Just Asking (Downtempo mix)
3rd Bass- Gladiator
MC Serch- Here It Comes
Prime Minister Pete Nice- Rat Bastard
Eric B and Rakim- Check the Technique
Tung Twista- No Peace Sign (remix)
Showbiz and AG- Soul Clap
Main Source- Fakin’ the Funk (remix)
Fuschnickens- La Schmoove (remix)
Roxanne Shante- Big Mama
Grand Puba- What Goes Around
Apache- Gangsta Bitch
Brand Nubian- Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down (remix)
Black Moon- Who Got the Props
Future Sound- Bop Step (remix)
K Swift- Chicken Scratch (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Duck Down
Ultramagnetic MCs- Poppa Large (East Coast mix)
Eric B and Rakim- Casualties of War (Militant mix)
ADOR- Let it All Hang Out
K Solo- Letterman (Pete Rock remix)
Lords of the Underground- Psycho
FORCE and K Zee- Rude Beats
Dominant Force- Flex
A Tribe Called Quest- Scenario (remix)
Pete Rock and CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You
Das EFX- Jussamen (Pete Rock remix)
House of Pain- Jump Around (Pete Rock remix)
Naughty By Nature- Hip Hop Hooray
Gang Starr- Dwyck
Little Shawn- I Made Love (remix)
Redman- Blow Your Mind (remix)
Heavy D- Blue Funk
Digable Planets- Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
Nubian Crackers- Two for the Time
Dr Dre- One Eight Seven
Ice Cube- We Had To Tear This Mothafucka Up
Da Lench Mob- Ain’t Got No Class
Public Enemy- Hazy Shade of Criminal
Masta Ace- Jeep Ass Niguh (remix)
Del- Eye Examination
Positive K- Nightshift


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fresh Start to the Meek 1991 special

and on and on, 3 hours of fine fabrics just thrown together here

NWA- Dayz of Wayback
WC and the Madd Circle- Caught in a Fad
Ghetto Boyz- My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me
OG Style- Sucker
YZ- When the Road is Covered in Snow
Greyson and Jaysun- Livin’ Like a Troopa
Rappinstine- Bang the Drum Slowly
MC Lyte- Search 4 the Lyte
The Jaz- Hypocritters
Queen Latifah- Nature of a Sista
Yo Yo- Make Way for the Motherlode
DJ Quik- Tear It Off
Son of Bazerk- The Band Get Swivey on the Wheels
Public Enemy- Can’t Truss It
Ice T- Ricochet
Cypress Hill- Phuncky Feel One
Downtown Science- This is a Visit
True Culture- So Good It’s Bad
Stetsasonic- Uda Man
Black Sheep- Flavor of the Month
A Tribe Called Quest- Check the Rhime
KMD- Who Me?
UMCs- Anyway the Wind Blows
Prince Rakeem- Deadly Venoms
Del the Funky Homosapien- Ahonetwo
Nice and Smooth- Hip Hop Junkies
EPMD- Rampage (Pete Rock remix)
Kid N Play- Bills at the Door
Heavy D- Don’t Curse
Pete Rock and CL Smooth- The Good Life
Father MC- Lisa Baby (Pete Rock remix)
C Money- Is it Good To Ya?
Renaissance- Flyz in Da Attic
Funkmaster Flex and Nine Double M- Fallin’ (and I Can’t Get Up)
Eric B and Rakim- No Omega (remix)
Massive Attack- Unfinished Sympathy (instrumental)
Laquan- Swing Blue, Sweat Black (remix)
Two Kings in a Cipher- Definition of a King
Tung Twista- Mr Tung Twista
Casper- Adrenaline
Caveman- Cool (‘Cos I Don’t Get Upset) (remix)
Blade- Rough It Up
Dominant Force- Raptivity
Korperayshun- Monkey See, Monkey Do
Gunshot- Crime Story
Hardnoise- Mice in the Presence of the Lion
Son of Noise- Ill Justice
BTX- This Jam is Black
3rd Bass- Portrait of an Artist as a Hood
Brand Nubian- One for All (remix)
Craig G- Here’s the Info
Ed OG and Da Bulldogs- I Got to Have It
Fuschnickens- Ring the Alarm
Main Source- Just Hanging Out (remix)
Gang Starr- Credit is Due

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

1990, Chubb Rock steps upons the scene

A Tribe Called Quest- Pubic Enemy
Chubb Rock- Treat ‘Em Right
Big Daddy Kane- Cause I Can Do It Right
Blvd Mosse- Cause I Can Do It Right
D Nice- Crumbs on the Table (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Love’s Gonna Getcha
Eric B & Rakim- In the Ghetto
King Tee- Played Like a Piano
King Dee and The Bishop- What’s Your Opinion?
2 Smooth MC’s- The Inventor
Freshco & Miz- Ain’t You Freshco?
Brand Nubian- Drop the Bomb
Public Enemy- Brothers Gonna Work It Out (remix)
Caveman- Victory (remix)
DJ Mink- Can You Relate?
2 the Top- The Matter at Hand
Hardnoise- Untitled
Demon Boyz- International Karate
Blade- Mind of an Ordinary Citizen
Rude Boy Business- Cool Sailing
WBI Red Ninja- Bad Testament
X Clan- Grand Verbalizer (remix)
Lakim Shabazz- Style Wars
The Jaz- The Originators
Movement X- I Deal With Mathematics
Low Profile- Funky Song (remix)
Terminator X- Wanna Be Dancin’
NWA- Sa Prize (pt.2)
Above the Law- Murder Rap
Compton’s Most Wanted- One Time Gaffled ‘Em Up
Master Ace- Go Where I Send Thee
Chill Rob G- Let Me Show You (remix)
Main Source- Lookin’ at the Front Door
L. R.O.C.K.- Let Me Hear Ya Say Yeah
Chill Divine- Long Live the Lyrical
Barsha- Internal Affairs
Kool G Rap- Bad to the Bone (remix)
Nile Kings- Positive Sound
Poor Righteous Teachers- Holy Intellect (remix)
Phase N Rhythm- Hook N Sling
KMD- Peachfuzz
Lord Finesse- Bad Mutha
Intelligent Hoodlum- Microphone Check
A Tribe Called Quest- When the Papes Come (remix)
Ice Cube- Once Upon a Time in the Project (instrumental)


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

One year later....

Public Enemy- Fight the Power
Uptown- Dope on Plastic
3-D- Original Stylin’
Most Wanted- Calm Down
AOK- Shack Up
TDS Mob- TDS Scratch Reaction
Ultramagnetic MCs- Give the Drummer Some (remix)
Big Daddy Kane- Warm It Up Kane
Frescho- Are You Ready?
7A3- Goes Like Dis (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Jack of Spades
Sir IBU- I’m the Peacemaker
Fascinating Force- Doing the Bang
Brand Nubian- Feels So Good
Blackmale- Keep on Movin’
UTFO- Wanna Rock
Ace and Action- Letter to the Better
Outlaw Posse- Original Dope (remix)
Cash Crew- One Decade
MC Mell O- Bizzie Rhymin’
SL Troopers- Movement
Silver Bullet- Bring Forth the Guillotine
Cookie Crew- Born this Way
Rock N Gee- Dual Tones
Atmospheric- Admit It
The Union- The Union
Markey Fresh- The Mack of Rap
Special Ed- I Got It Made
Big Daddy Kane- Young Gifted and Black
Bizzie Boyz- Droppin’ It
Tony D- Music Makes You Move
Poor Righteous Teachers- Time to Say Peace (remix)
3rd Bass- Steppin’ to the AM
Digital Underground- Doowutchalike
45 King and Lakim Shabazz- The Red, the Black, the Green
Chill Rob G- Court is Now in Session
Craig G- Take the Bait
MC Lyte- Cha Cha Cha
Cool C- I Gotta Habit (remix)
The Prophet L-Cee- Ace of S.P.A.D.E
Stezo- To the Max
King Tee- Can This Be Real?
Poetry- Everything I Do
Prince EZE and Big Fran to the 3rd- Time to Get Funky
Unique- Pure Dynamite
Cash Money and Marvelous- A Real Mutha For Ya (remix)
EPMD- So Whatcha Sayin’
X Clan- Raise the Flag
A Tribe Called Quest- Description of a Fool
Taking Your Business- Show ‘Em How It’s Done
Jungle Brothers- Beyond This World
MC Shan- Juice Crew Law (remix)
Craig G- Dopest Duo
Low Profile- The Dub B U Just Begun
Tuff Crew- Show ‘Em Hell
Black Rock and Ron- Stop the World
Public Enemy- Welcome to the Terrordome

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