Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Saturday, 6 March 2010

And oh yeah.....

don't forget to pick up the Scalper album. Picking up good reviews NZ-side. Go here.

An indie hip hop mix

A little something to do to keep us off the virtual streets over at the ninja tune forum, a few of us are doing short mixes of records from the indie hip hop era. Think Mr Bongo, "featuring Mike Zoot" and all that type of thing yeah. Here's my effort--------------> here

More to come. This is a strictly interna...erm..outernational effort.

Rasheed- Industrypartybumrusher
Mr Complex- Visualize
Peanut Butter Wolf and Charizma- My World Premiere
L Fudge- Gratitude (inst)
Smut Peddlers- One by One (inst)
People Under The Stairs- Youth Explosion (inst)
Mass Influence- Clown Syndrome
Scaramanga- Death Letter
Mind Space- Who Got The Funk?
Dilated Peoples- Third Degree
Self Scientific- Run The Depth
Ace Lover- Lucky 7 (inst)
Jungle Brothers- How U Want It
Rasco- The Unassisted (inst)
Scienz of Life- Powers of Nine Ether
Peanut Butter Wolf and Rasco- Run the Line
Rob Swift- The Ablist
The Isolationist- Timeless Void
Organized Konfusion- Somehow Someway (inst)
Saukrates- Father Time
Mike Zoot- Service (remix)
Big Willie Smith- Keep It Real… Represent ‘96
Kukoo- Real Kukoo
Mister Voodoo- Lyrical Tactics
Black Attack- Verbal Attack
N.O.T.S Click- Larger Than Life
Just Ro and Common- Make It Happen
Choclair- What It Takes (inst)