Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Posr Amojo

Now this record has become a bit of an obsession to me, finally got hold of a copy (and there's a sealed one on the way too if the postal service behaves- edit- now have two) for a pretty penny. First time ever I heard its face I knew I needed to make it mine, it's got everything I need, drum machine, bleeps and a pretty out there rap. The first thing that came to mind when I heard it was Sensational without the clouds of smoke. Or Holy war without Synthetic Substitution.

Information on it is scarce though, a few copies are turning up at the moment but not much sign of it on the internets and no discogs entry (edit- there is now, I listed it). The fact it was released in 1988 makes it all the more astonishing to me, even discounting the fact that whole year makes me (go) hard. The record looks a bit like Cool C's Juice Crew Dis which is always a plus.

A google on Posr Amojo brings up a 1991 court report (not far from 1988 date fans) of a Posr Amojo Posr's appeal against a judgement by a NY court following an altercation in 1987 (even nearer to 1988 but, like, the other way) between Posr and "several" police officers when he took part in a protest march organised by Listeners Action on Homelessness and Housing. At the time of the march Posr was known as Charles Johnson. Posr got a little justice and peace from the appeal, being awarded $15,000 in compensation and damages.

Who knows if this is the Posr Amojo, there's nothing explicit in the record that points to it bar the title and talk of the judicial process. He mentions Tijuana a couple of times, and pyramids (but that was a standard for 1988).

I've searched a couple of addresses too, he mentions 460 Marcus Garvey Blvd, a baptist church in Brooklyn. He says later "I wrote this in a church, I won't be doing expletives...". He also says "too black too strength (?) from the heart of Bed Stuy" so lets assume he's from Brooklyn.

The record label UAM, and this seems to be its only release (catalogue # POS-1), has an address 537 E. 13th Street, NYC, an address squatters were evicted from in 1996.

This could all be a OMGZ r@ndom rap wild goose chase cooked up by some hipsters with knowing looks but let's hope not.

And Posr, if you're out there get in touch bruv, give us the real lowdown. Thanks

Friday, 4 June 2010

On my radio

well internets radio anyway

going to try to do this as regular as I can, Mondays 8-10pm

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