Tuesday, 30 November 2010

more specials


Gang Starr- You Know My Steez
Defari- Bionic
Non Phixion- 5 Boros
Kukoo- I Heard You Don’t Know
Natural Elements- Bust Mine
Self Scientific- Run the Depth
Dilated Peoples- Third Degree
Mike Zoot- Service (remix)
Rasco- Hip Hop Essentials
DITC- Day One
Kool DJ EQ- Three Emcees
NOTS Click- Larger Than Life
Choclair- What It Takes (remix)
Black Attack- Verbal Attack
Mos Def- Universal Magnetic
Reflection Eternal- Fortified Live
Krumbsnatcha- Closer to God
Jeru- Me or the Papes
Orfeus- Mithalaje
Lyrics Born- Balcony Beach
Peanut Butter Wolf- Run the Line
Mr Complex- Why Don’t Cha?
Organized Konfusion- Somehow Someway
Abstract Rude and Tribe Unique- My Experience
Cage- Agent Orange
Lord Sear- Alcoholic Vibes
The Arsonists- Geembo’s Theme
MF Doom- Hey!
Godfather Don- Styles by the Gram
Divine Styler- Beyond Mecca
Cyclops 4000- Macroscope
Red Foo and Dre’Kroon- The Freshest
Mixmaster Mike- Terrorwrist
All Natural- Writer’s Block
Natural Resource- They Lied (remix)
Pumpkinhead- Dynamic
Atmosphere- Scapegoat
Awol One and Jizzm- Root of All
Sacred Hoop- Panhandlers
Sir Menelik- So Intelligent
Indelible MCs- Fire In Which You Burn
Company Flow- 8 Steps (lost mix)
Brick City Kids- Brick City Kids
Black Reign- Dirty
High and Mighty- Cranial Lumps
Rakim- It’s Been a Long Time
OC- My World
Common- 1 2 Many
Rampage- Wild For Da Night
Diamond D & Cru- Hiatus (remix)


Special Ed- Freaky Flow (remix)
Camp Lo- Swing
Kukoo- Real Kukoo
KRS One- The MC
Kool Keith- Slide We Fly
Mr Voodoo- Lyrical Tactics
Money Boss Players- Crap Game
Blahzay Blahzay- Pain I Feel
DJ Krush- Meiso (remix)
Redman- It’s Like That (My Big Brother)
PMD- Rugged N Raw
Black Twang- Dettwork South East
Skitz and Roots Manuva- Blessed Be The Manner
London Posse- Style (remix)
Big Shug- Crush
Royal Flush- Worldwide
East Flatbush Project- Tried By 12
Alley High- Voodoo
Mindspace- Life Is Foul
The Roots- Clones
Mobb Deep- Hell On Earth
De La Soul- The Bizness
A Tribe Called Quest- 1nce Again
Keith Murray- The Rhyme (remix)
Outkast- 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac
J Live- Hush the Crowd
Heltah Skeltah- Operation Lockdown
Fierce- Crab
Breeze Tha Evaflowin- Forsaken
Big Kwan- I Don’t Give a Fuck (remix)
Third Sight- Rhymes Like a Scientist
Jungle Brothers- How Ya Want It?
Street Smarts- Metal Thangs
Ras T- Ill Nig
The Prunes- Mr Jolly Lives Next Door
DJ Shadow- Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip Hop
Lateef- The Wreckoning
Dr Octagon- Blue Flowers
Automator- A Better Tomorrow (pt.2)
Organized Konfusion- Bring It On (remix)
The Arsonists- The Session
Scienz of Life- Powers of Nine Ether
Siah and Yeshua Da Po Ed- Gravity
Sacred Hoop- Frrrrnt
Animal Pharm- Oral Fixation
Al Tariq- Do Yo Thang
Artifacts- Art Of Facts
Busta Rhymes- Woo Ha
Large Professor- Mad Scientist
Sadat X- The Lump Lump (remix)
The Funky Man- Check the Method
Paula Perry- Paula’s Jam
Jeru- One Day
Jay-Z- Dead Presidents
Chuck D- Mistachuck
Company Flow- Vital Nerve



Tuesday, 2 November 2010

1993 Free


Souls of Mischief- That’s When Ya Lost
Leaders of the Next School- What’s Next (remix)
Redman- Time 4 Sum Aksion (remix)
Rakim- Heat it Up
Public Enemy- Living in a Zoo
MF911- 900
Big Daddy Kane- The Beef Is On
Diamond D- I’m Outta Here (John Doe)
Funkdoobiest- The Funkiest
Capital Tax- Masha (remix)
KRS One- Outta Here
Frankie the Pacemaker- Live and Die Wreck Part 2 (Brooklyn Beats)
LL Cool J- How I’m Comin’
Fatal- Pass the Kronz
Alkaholiks- Make Room
Ice Cube- Really Doe
Boodha and the Bandit- No Haps
Yaggfu Front- Slapping Suckas Silly
Das EFX- Kaught in Da Ak (remix)
Positive K- Ain’t No Crime (remix)
Pharcyde- Soul Flower (remix)
The Beatnuts- World’s Famous
Prime Minister Pete Nice and Daddy Rich- Kick the Bob (remix)
Cypress Hill- When the Shit Goes Down (remix)
Black Moon- Act Like U Want It
Ultramagnetic MCs- One Two One Two
Private Investigators- Who Am I?
Jeru- Come Clean
De La Soul- En Focus
Trends of Culture- Off and On
Y’all So Stupid- Van Full of Pakistans (remix)
Nonce- The Mixtapes
A Tribe Called Quest- Electric Relaxation
Jungle Brothers- On the Road Again (remix)
Mysterme and DJ 20 20- Unsolved Mysterme
Original Flavor- Can I Get Open? (remix)
Freestyle Fellowship- Hot Potato
The Principle- Your Rap Machine is Broken
Ice Dog- Shootin’ Deuces
Kurious- Spell it With a J
Mellow T- Keep It Real
UMCs- Set it Straight
Akinyele- Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?
Big- Party and Bullshit (remix)
ADL- Daddy
Microphone Prince- Smooth Criminal
Run DMC- Down With the King
Now Born Click- Now Born Soldiers
Wu Tang Clan- Protect Ya Neck
MOP- How About Some Hardcore?
Casual- That’s How It Is
Souls of Mischief- ’93 ‘til Infinity

like drums falling down the stairs onto a turntable in dub by the pool at Butlins

Thursday, 28 October 2010

1992 too

Diamond D- Best Kept Secret
EPMD- Brothers from Brentwood LI
Das EFX- They Want EFX
Demon Boyz- Glimmity Glammity
Gang Starr- Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) (remix)
Chubb Rock- The Big Man (remix)
Kurious- Walk Like a Duck
Nas- Half Time (remix)
Catch 22- Just Asking (Downtempo mix)
3rd Bass- Gladiator
MC Serch- Here It Comes
Prime Minister Pete Nice- Rat Bastard
Eric B and Rakim- Check the Technique
Tung Twista- No Peace Sign (remix)
Showbiz and AG- Soul Clap
Main Source- Fakin’ the Funk (remix)
Fuschnickens- La Schmoove (remix)
Roxanne Shante- Big Mama
Grand Puba- What Goes Around
Apache- Gangsta Bitch
Brand Nubian- Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down (remix)
Black Moon- Who Got the Props
Future Sound- Bop Step (remix)
K Swift- Chicken Scratch (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Duck Down
Ultramagnetic MCs- Poppa Large (East Coast mix)
Eric B and Rakim- Casualties of War (Militant mix)
ADOR- Let it All Hang Out
K Solo- Letterman (Pete Rock remix)
Lords of the Underground- Psycho
FORCE and K Zee- Rude Beats
Dominant Force- Flex
A Tribe Called Quest- Scenario (remix)
Pete Rock and CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You
Das EFX- Jussamen (Pete Rock remix)
House of Pain- Jump Around (Pete Rock remix)
Naughty By Nature- Hip Hop Hooray
Gang Starr- Dwyck
Little Shawn- I Made Love (remix)
Redman- Blow Your Mind (remix)
Heavy D- Blue Funk
Digable Planets- Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
Nubian Crackers- Two for the Time
Dr Dre- One Eight Seven
Ice Cube- We Had To Tear This Mothafucka Up
Da Lench Mob- Ain’t Got No Class
Public Enemy- Hazy Shade of Criminal
Masta Ace- Jeep Ass Niguh (remix)
Del- Eye Examination
Positive K- Nightshift


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fresh Start to the Meek 1991 special

and on and on, 3 hours of fine fabrics just thrown together here

NWA- Dayz of Wayback
WC and the Madd Circle- Caught in a Fad
Ghetto Boyz- My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me
OG Style- Sucker
YZ- When the Road is Covered in Snow
Greyson and Jaysun- Livin’ Like a Troopa
Rappinstine- Bang the Drum Slowly
MC Lyte- Search 4 the Lyte
The Jaz- Hypocritters
Queen Latifah- Nature of a Sista
Yo Yo- Make Way for the Motherlode
DJ Quik- Tear It Off
Son of Bazerk- The Band Get Swivey on the Wheels
Public Enemy- Can’t Truss It
Ice T- Ricochet
Cypress Hill- Phuncky Feel One
Downtown Science- This is a Visit
True Culture- So Good It’s Bad
Stetsasonic- Uda Man
Black Sheep- Flavor of the Month
A Tribe Called Quest- Check the Rhime
KMD- Who Me?
UMCs- Anyway the Wind Blows
Prince Rakeem- Deadly Venoms
Del the Funky Homosapien- Ahonetwo
Nice and Smooth- Hip Hop Junkies
EPMD- Rampage (Pete Rock remix)
Kid N Play- Bills at the Door
Heavy D- Don’t Curse
Pete Rock and CL Smooth- The Good Life
Father MC- Lisa Baby (Pete Rock remix)
C Money- Is it Good To Ya?
Renaissance- Flyz in Da Attic
Funkmaster Flex and Nine Double M- Fallin’ (and I Can’t Get Up)
Eric B and Rakim- No Omega (remix)
Massive Attack- Unfinished Sympathy (instrumental)
Laquan- Swing Blue, Sweat Black (remix)
Two Kings in a Cipher- Definition of a King
Tung Twista- Mr Tung Twista
Casper- Adrenaline
Caveman- Cool (‘Cos I Don’t Get Upset) (remix)
Blade- Rough It Up
Dominant Force- Raptivity
Korperayshun- Monkey See, Monkey Do
Gunshot- Crime Story
Hardnoise- Mice in the Presence of the Lion
Son of Noise- Ill Justice
BTX- This Jam is Black
3rd Bass- Portrait of an Artist as a Hood
Brand Nubian- One for All (remix)
Craig G- Here’s the Info
Ed OG and Da Bulldogs- I Got to Have It
Fuschnickens- Ring the Alarm
Main Source- Just Hanging Out (remix)
Gang Starr- Credit is Due

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

1990, Chubb Rock steps upons the scene

A Tribe Called Quest- Pubic Enemy
Chubb Rock- Treat ‘Em Right
Big Daddy Kane- Cause I Can Do It Right
Blvd Mosse- Cause I Can Do It Right
D Nice- Crumbs on the Table (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Love’s Gonna Getcha
Eric B & Rakim- In the Ghetto
King Tee- Played Like a Piano
King Dee and The Bishop- What’s Your Opinion?
2 Smooth MC’s- The Inventor
Freshco & Miz- Ain’t You Freshco?
Brand Nubian- Drop the Bomb
Public Enemy- Brothers Gonna Work It Out (remix)
Caveman- Victory (remix)
DJ Mink- Can You Relate?
2 the Top- The Matter at Hand
Hardnoise- Untitled
Demon Boyz- International Karate
Blade- Mind of an Ordinary Citizen
Rude Boy Business- Cool Sailing
WBI Red Ninja- Bad Testament
X Clan- Grand Verbalizer (remix)
Lakim Shabazz- Style Wars
The Jaz- The Originators
Movement X- I Deal With Mathematics
Low Profile- Funky Song (remix)
Terminator X- Wanna Be Dancin’
NWA- Sa Prize (pt.2)
Above the Law- Murder Rap
Compton’s Most Wanted- One Time Gaffled ‘Em Up
Master Ace- Go Where I Send Thee
Chill Rob G- Let Me Show You (remix)
Main Source- Lookin’ at the Front Door
L. R.O.C.K.- Let Me Hear Ya Say Yeah
Chill Divine- Long Live the Lyrical
Barsha- Internal Affairs
Kool G Rap- Bad to the Bone (remix)
Nile Kings- Positive Sound
Poor Righteous Teachers- Holy Intellect (remix)
Phase N Rhythm- Hook N Sling
KMD- Peachfuzz
Lord Finesse- Bad Mutha
Intelligent Hoodlum- Microphone Check
A Tribe Called Quest- When the Papes Come (remix)
Ice Cube- Once Upon a Time in the Project (instrumental)


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

One year later....

Public Enemy- Fight the Power
Uptown- Dope on Plastic
3-D- Original Stylin’
Most Wanted- Calm Down
AOK- Shack Up
TDS Mob- TDS Scratch Reaction
Ultramagnetic MCs- Give the Drummer Some (remix)
Big Daddy Kane- Warm It Up Kane
Frescho- Are You Ready?
7A3- Goes Like Dis (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Jack of Spades
Sir IBU- I’m the Peacemaker
Fascinating Force- Doing the Bang
Brand Nubian- Feels So Good
Blackmale- Keep on Movin’
UTFO- Wanna Rock
Ace and Action- Letter to the Better
Outlaw Posse- Original Dope (remix)
Cash Crew- One Decade
MC Mell O- Bizzie Rhymin’
SL Troopers- Movement
Silver Bullet- Bring Forth the Guillotine
Cookie Crew- Born this Way
Rock N Gee- Dual Tones
Atmospheric- Admit It
The Union- The Union
Markey Fresh- The Mack of Rap
Special Ed- I Got It Made
Big Daddy Kane- Young Gifted and Black
Bizzie Boyz- Droppin’ It
Tony D- Music Makes You Move
Poor Righteous Teachers- Time to Say Peace (remix)
3rd Bass- Steppin’ to the AM
Digital Underground- Doowutchalike
45 King and Lakim Shabazz- The Red, the Black, the Green
Chill Rob G- Court is Now in Session
Craig G- Take the Bait
MC Lyte- Cha Cha Cha
Cool C- I Gotta Habit (remix)
The Prophet L-Cee- Ace of S.P.A.D.E
Stezo- To the Max
King Tee- Can This Be Real?
Poetry- Everything I Do
Prince EZE and Big Fran to the 3rd- Time to Get Funky
Unique- Pure Dynamite
Cash Money and Marvelous- A Real Mutha For Ya (remix)
EPMD- So Whatcha Sayin’
X Clan- Raise the Flag
A Tribe Called Quest- Description of a Fool
Taking Your Business- Show ‘Em How It’s Done
Jungle Brothers- Beyond This World
MC Shan- Juice Crew Law (remix)
Craig G- Dopest Duo
Low Profile- The Dub B U Just Begun
Tuff Crew- Show ‘Em Hell
Black Rock and Ron- Stop the World
Public Enemy- Welcome to the Terrordome

go to get it here

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fresh Start to the Week "podcast"

Not really (at all) sure how to do a podcast so here's an mp3 of a three hour '88 special I did recently on my Monday night ustream show. Quite a random selection, messy and plenty of great stuff missing but enjoyable all the same.

It was a good year.

MC Tee & Lord Tasheen- Gangster Nine
Mixmaster Spade- Genius is Back
Prince Quick Mix and Derrick Dee- Good Foot
TDS Mob- Crushin’
Extra Curricular- Go With the Flow
Kid Flash- Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Party
Black by Demand- Can’t Get Enough
Kid N Play- Gittin’ Funky
Steady B- Let the Hustlers Play
Kool D & Technolo G- Go to Work
Scholar 1- Turn up the Radio
Busy Boys- Classical
4-Ever Fresh- Urban Sound Surgeon
Jungle Brothers- Because I Got It Like That
ESP- Get Up and Get Widit
Velore and Double O- We Had Enough
MC Breeze & DJ Trevor- Damn I’m Good
Father MC and the 1st Fleet Crew- I’m Getting Better
Masters of Ceremony- Dynamite
Superlover Cee and Casanova Rudd- Super Casanova
3-D- Greatest Man Alive
Cool C- C is Cool
Schoolly D- Treacherous
Boogie Down Productions- Still #1
Taking Your Business- Long Live Hip Hop
T La Rock- You Got the Time
Mikey D- Out of Control
Boogie Boys- KMD Step Off
The Lover Kool D and DJ Freeze- The Crew (Is In the House)
Level One- Keep the Crowd in Peace
Dose Material- Outlaw
Ill Squad Productions- I’m On a Roll
Deuces is Wild- Five Times the Rhymer
MC Sugar Ray and Stranger D- Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray (45 King remix)
Antoinette- Unfinished Business
Chill Rob G- Dope Rhymes
Hot Day Dante- Hot Day’s Turn
Doc Luv and Kev-Ski- Overdose
Tool Kool Posse- Give ‘Em a Sample
Kings of Swing- Stop Jockin’ James
Demon Boyz- Vibes
MC EZ and Troup- Just Rhymin’
Sugar Bear- Ready to Penetrate
Queen Latifah- Wrath of My Madness
MC Lyte- 10% Dis
De La Soul- Potholes in My Lawn
Posr Amojo- No Justice, No Peace
Biz Markie- Biz is Goin’ Off

Get it here

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Posr Amojo Posr- An interview

As I have previously babbled, I’ve developed a healthy obsession with a little known 12” by Posr Amojo entitled No Justice, No Peace. Released in the well known 1988 on the UAM label it’s an avant-rap monster- all cascading drum machine, vintage computer game FX and an amazing encoded conscious rap, pre-dating the likes of Anti Pop Consortium by nearly a decade.

I’d found some information about a Posr Amojo Posr and made a speculative post about the man and record. I thought that would be as close as I would get until I happened upon a Posr Amojo Posr online. A “I don’t suppose you made a record in 1988 called No Justice, No Peace” and a few subsequent emails later and I am the wiser.

First things first- the name. In 1987 at the time of his wrongful arrest on a march organised by the Listeners Action on Homelessness and Housing, Posr was known as Charles Johnson.

“I changed my name to Posr Amojo Posr in 1989. I went to court and paid for the name, so it is my legal name. Posr is an acronym for Prisoner of Self Respect. I decided to change my name at that time for two reasons- one, I didn't want to have a British name since I am of African descent and two, I was arrested at the homeless march and put in jail and I asked myself "why am I a prisoner?". I answered myself and said "Since I didn't let that cop just push me, like he did everybody else, I am a "Prisoner of Self Respect" thus Posr.

Amojo is from a Jazz song I heard. In the song the singer sings "I got my mojo working and it’s working out tonight"….you see “mojo" is like your rhythm, you know, when like everything is going your way.”

No Justice, No Peace was the first song that Posr committed to vinyl and, although it sounds like the-future-then, it is very much rooted in the events and climate of 1988. One of the recurrent lines I asked Posr about was “for Tijuana you know why”.

“I'm not saying "Tijuana". I am saying "for Tawana"…The rhyme was in support of a female of African descent, lineage North America, who claimed six white high level law enforcement members raped her”

The Tawana Brawley case was both high profile and highly controversial, and it saw a rise in organised black social activism, something Posr also celebrates in No Justice.

“The energy this Black Movement was creating hadn't been seen since the rise of the Black Panthers. A security force was called for and No Justice No Peace to commemorate the atmosphere.

The people in the movement gave the track much love. People not in the movement never really heard it because it didn't sell because I wasn't putting all my time into promoting it. I do believe it was too experimental for the time.

As far as influences, I always liked Schoolly D, Public Enemy, Run DMC, KRS- One.”

In 1991 Posr was awarded $77,000 (not $15,000 as I wrote previously) as a result of his wrongful arrest on the homeless march and he used the proceeds to record and tour (in Germany) an album - The Political Prisoner Tour. At that time he was using the name MC Shank. Unfortunately Posr no longer has a copy of the album so if anyone reading does please let me know and we can re-unite them (plus I’d really like to hear it). He told me about a track on the album- Shootout.

“Shootout was about a guy…Larry Davis. He later changed his name to Adam Abdul Hakeem. The police used him to sell drugs from maybe 11 or 12 years of age to 25 or so. When Adam decided he didn't want to sell drugs for the cops anymore, the cops he was selling drugs for attempted to assassinate him. Instead, with guns in both hands, Wild-West style he shot six cops and escaped. Many people from the ghettos hoped he would never be captured.

Believing he would be killed if caught, he turned himself in. Worse mistake he ever made. He was murdered in prison by another prisoner…Many suspect the killer was put up to it by police and guards who were waiting until a generation forgot about him to have him murdered. He was in a wheel-chair throughout his prison stay…I was a part of his support team.

Some said Adam was not really a political prisoner, but a drug pusher. I think it was a political decision to decide to say “I am not going to sell drugs for you anymore”. He wanted to do music. His story deserves to be known, for his courage.

The music of Shootout was certainly less experimental than No Justice No Peace, so I guess it was a great change of musical style and I liked the direction my music was going in. I was always learning new subtleties”

There have been no subsequent albums since The Political Prisoner Tour, although Posr’s activism has continued including legal work for fellow activists.

“At about that time (1992) I became interested in law. I didn't go to law school, but, dealing with activist people, I started, and still am, assisting them with their legal papers as well as my own, having been active on the level that I was on and still am.

I'm not planning any performances but socially, so much is happening that I feel I have to do something musical, but relevant, because the police state is growing tentacles in leaps and bounds and the youth need guidance through music because that is the news network for the youth; music.”

Of course there once was a time, back where we started when No Justice, No Peace was released, that hip hop was labelled the “black CNN” and a conscious message was as likely as any other. Whatever happened to Edutainment?

“Edutainment was co-opted by the major record companies who, when they realized they could not ignore hip hop into oblivion, paid and rewarded rappers to portray images in the heads of major record companies. Major record companies had negative images of the early rappers and "carrot and stick" led rappers to portray those images. So went edutainment. The early days of rap was so creative in all areas of life, not just gangsterism.”

No Justice, No Peace is a prime example of that creativity. I've said it before but it's an astonishing record so thanks to Posr for that, as well as taking the time to give me the lowdown.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Posr Amojo

Now this record has become a bit of an obsession to me, finally got hold of a copy (and there's a sealed one on the way too if the postal service behaves- edit- now have two) for a pretty penny. First time ever I heard its face I knew I needed to make it mine, it's got everything I need, drum machine, bleeps and a pretty out there rap. The first thing that came to mind when I heard it was Sensational without the clouds of smoke. Or Holy war without Synthetic Substitution.

Information on it is scarce though, a few copies are turning up at the moment but not much sign of it on the internets and no discogs entry (edit- there is now, I listed it). The fact it was released in 1988 makes it all the more astonishing to me, even discounting the fact that whole year makes me (go) hard. The record looks a bit like Cool C's Juice Crew Dis which is always a plus.

A google on Posr Amojo brings up a 1991 court report (not far from 1988 date fans) of a Posr Amojo Posr's appeal against a judgement by a NY court following an altercation in 1987 (even nearer to 1988 but, like, the other way) between Posr and "several" police officers when he took part in a protest march organised by Listeners Action on Homelessness and Housing. At the time of the march Posr was known as Charles Johnson. Posr got a little justice and peace from the appeal, being awarded $15,000 in compensation and damages.

Who knows if this is the Posr Amojo, there's nothing explicit in the record that points to it bar the title and talk of the judicial process. He mentions Tijuana a couple of times, and pyramids (but that was a standard for 1988).

I've searched a couple of addresses too, he mentions 460 Marcus Garvey Blvd, a baptist church in Brooklyn. He says later "I wrote this in a church, I won't be doing expletives...". He also says "too black too strength (?) from the heart of Bed Stuy" so lets assume he's from Brooklyn.

The record label UAM, and this seems to be its only release (catalogue # POS-1), has an address 537 E. 13th Street, NYC, an address squatters were evicted from in 1996.

This could all be a OMGZ r@ndom rap wild goose chase cooked up by some hipsters with knowing looks but let's hope not.

And Posr, if you're out there get in touch bruv, give us the real lowdown. Thanks

Friday, 4 June 2010

On my radio

well internets radio anyway

going to try to do this as regular as I can, Mondays 8-10pm

records and stuff

Friday, 2 April 2010

Theory 77

Some vee vee gud stuff here, well worth checking out. If you like edits and tight scratches then this is for you and you and you

records one after another

in the style of a mix

4-Ever Fresh- Urban Sound Surgeon
Velore and Double-O- We Had Enough
ESP- Get Up and Get Widdit
Singing MC Breeze and DJ Trevor- Damn I’m Good
Omega Force- You Can Make It If You Try
TDS Mob- TDS Scratch Reaction
Supreme Nyborn- It’s Like That (remix)
Superlover Cee and Casanova Rud- I Got a Good Thing (remix)
Antoinette- Unfinished Business (inst)
Hakeem X- Hip Hop Reborn
Schoolly D- Housin’ the Joint (extended)
Hostyle- Keep On Movin’
Euro-K- It’s Live (echo-pella)
Rappinstine- Bang the Drum Slowly
OG Style- Kick the Ballistics
Kev-E-Kev and AK-B- Listen to the Man
M Walk and King Saul- I’m the King
Casper- War of Words
Divine Beings- Funky Ultimatum

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Saturday, 6 March 2010

And oh yeah.....

don't forget to pick up the Scalper album. Picking up good reviews NZ-side. Go here.

An indie hip hop mix

A little something to do to keep us off the virtual streets over at the ninja tune forum, a few of us are doing short mixes of records from the indie hip hop era. Think Mr Bongo, "featuring Mike Zoot" and all that type of thing yeah. Here's my effort--------------> here

More to come. This is a strictly interna...erm..outernational effort.

Rasheed- Industrypartybumrusher
Mr Complex- Visualize
Peanut Butter Wolf and Charizma- My World Premiere
L Fudge- Gratitude (inst)
Smut Peddlers- One by One (inst)
People Under The Stairs- Youth Explosion (inst)
Mass Influence- Clown Syndrome
Scaramanga- Death Letter
Mind Space- Who Got The Funk?
Dilated Peoples- Third Degree
Self Scientific- Run The Depth
Ace Lover- Lucky 7 (inst)
Jungle Brothers- How U Want It
Rasco- The Unassisted (inst)
Scienz of Life- Powers of Nine Ether
Peanut Butter Wolf and Rasco- Run the Line
Rob Swift- The Ablist
The Isolationist- Timeless Void
Organized Konfusion- Somehow Someway (inst)
Saukrates- Father Time
Mike Zoot- Service (remix)
Big Willie Smith- Keep It Real… Represent ‘96
Kukoo- Real Kukoo
Mister Voodoo- Lyrical Tactics
Black Attack- Verbal Attack
N.O.T.S Click- Larger Than Life
Just Ro and Common- Make It Happen
Choclair- What It Takes (inst)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Plex set

I was allowed to play the vinyl records at the wonderful Plex night at Corsica Studios and this is what I played....sort of

Benga- Skank
Headhunter- Sex at the Prom
F- Energy Distortion
Relocate- Origins
Seth- Dawn
Martyn- The Lower Upside Down (Surgeon mix)
Basic Channel- Phylyps Trak
Wax- 10001B (Panamax remix)
Sandoz- Strike Fire
Debruit- Nigeria What?
Wicked A- A Nie Dvamata S Bobi Piem Kage (Ramadanman refix)
Dollkraut- Milkmanners
Horizontal Ground- Ghosts on Acid
Zinc- Blunt Edge
Julio Bashmore- Um Bongo’s Revenge
Bubblez- Ice Rink
A Made Up Sound- Closer

If you were there and some of the mixes were going a bit skew-wiff your hearing's buggered mate

Thanks to Tom for the invite, Greg and Amy for making I laugh soaking up the bass vibrations

Sundry mix

two half finished things banged together...BOSH

Mobski- Get With It
Lakim Shabazz- No Justice No Peace
Desire- Busted
Chill Rob G- Chillin’
Baby Doll- You Can’t Break a B-boys Heart
Solomon Burke- Get Me Back On Time
MC Tee & Lord Tasheen- Gangster Nine
Roz- A Yo A’ight (Earthling remix)
DJ Krush- A Whim
Rokia Traore- Mouneissa
Kurtis Blow- If I Ruled The World (inst)
Microphone Prince- Smooth Criminal (acap)
Ghosts on Tape- Mogadishu Nightlife
EDMX- Creole 2
Top Cat- Request the Style (acap)
Bass Clef- Ballad of the Broken 606
El Remolon- Escape (dub version)
Daniel Savio- Ohhh!
Ghosts on Tape- Equator Jam
Fulgeance- Haggis

Ragga hip hop mix