Tuesday, 2 November 2010

1993 Free


Souls of Mischief- That’s When Ya Lost
Leaders of the Next School- What’s Next (remix)
Redman- Time 4 Sum Aksion (remix)
Rakim- Heat it Up
Public Enemy- Living in a Zoo
MF911- 900
Big Daddy Kane- The Beef Is On
Diamond D- I’m Outta Here (John Doe)
Funkdoobiest- The Funkiest
Capital Tax- Masha (remix)
KRS One- Outta Here
Frankie the Pacemaker- Live and Die Wreck Part 2 (Brooklyn Beats)
LL Cool J- How I’m Comin’
Fatal- Pass the Kronz
Alkaholiks- Make Room
Ice Cube- Really Doe
Boodha and the Bandit- No Haps
Yaggfu Front- Slapping Suckas Silly
Das EFX- Kaught in Da Ak (remix)
Positive K- Ain’t No Crime (remix)
Pharcyde- Soul Flower (remix)
The Beatnuts- World’s Famous
Prime Minister Pete Nice and Daddy Rich- Kick the Bob (remix)
Cypress Hill- When the Shit Goes Down (remix)
Black Moon- Act Like U Want It
Ultramagnetic MCs- One Two One Two
Private Investigators- Who Am I?
Jeru- Come Clean
De La Soul- En Focus
Trends of Culture- Off and On
Y’all So Stupid- Van Full of Pakistans (remix)
Nonce- The Mixtapes
A Tribe Called Quest- Electric Relaxation
Jungle Brothers- On the Road Again (remix)
Mysterme and DJ 20 20- Unsolved Mysterme
Original Flavor- Can I Get Open? (remix)
Freestyle Fellowship- Hot Potato
The Principle- Your Rap Machine is Broken
Ice Dog- Shootin’ Deuces
Kurious- Spell it With a J
Mellow T- Keep It Real
UMCs- Set it Straight
Akinyele- Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?
Big- Party and Bullshit (remix)
ADL- Daddy
Microphone Prince- Smooth Criminal
Run DMC- Down With the King
Now Born Click- Now Born Soldiers
Wu Tang Clan- Protect Ya Neck
MOP- How About Some Hardcore?
Casual- That’s How It Is
Souls of Mischief- ’93 ‘til Infinity

like drums falling down the stairs onto a turntable in dub by the pool at Butlins

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