Friday, 27 November 2009

Scalper- Black Glory/Zero

Nepotism aside, having had the pleasure of hearing the forthcoming Scalper album, Flesh and Bones in full I have to say (or type even seeings as I'm not very sociable) that it's one of the best hip hop albums I've heard in a good while. The darkness is toned down from the earlier EPs (that's moving away from Ilford for you) and rather than smacking you round the face it's asking you to come in, have some tea and spend a while. Then you realise you've had so much tea you can't go just yet because you've got a weak bladder. And it's nice here so you stay.

Truly though bruv, thing, yeah, it's a beautiful album, lovely blend of samples and live instrumentation, dark and light, big and small. Just make sure you grab a copy when it's out February 2010. In the meantime two tracks are now available on itunes and amplifier so get them to tide you over.

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