Thursday, 3 September 2009

Backspinning on the turntables

I've always loved (LOVED) the I'm On a Roll/Making a Killing 12" by Ill Squad Production, possibly first heard on John Peel's show (as most things were in thems days). It was mixed by Backspin aka Backspin the Vibe Chemist aka Marlon King and by the magic of discogs, rather than being arsed to read the credits on the records, I found he's had a hand in a few other favourites.

He was down with Leaders of the New School in some capacity, producing a few tracks on A Future Without A Past and a couple on T.I.M.E, and Busta Rhymes' first album. He also produced the classic at my house "Wild For The Night" by Rampage (the Last Boyscout), maybe through the Busta Rhymes connection.

Another early production was The Prophet L-Cee's Ace of S.P.A.D.E 12", another cracker from the late '80's.

Not a great deal else though, quality not quantity bruv mate though I guess.

Have a listen to some of them below and go pick them up cheaply.

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