Friday, 20 April 2007

Peter Wright

I've really been enjoying various CDs by drone master Peter Wright this week. I ordered Crater Lake and Unvarnished, Untreated, Unzipped from Volcanic Tongue this week (incidentally, the fastest delivery known to man) and, although I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of the noisier drone stuff (and a lot of Peter Wright's earlier material has been pretty gentle), these built up so well that I was more than able to enjoy the ride.

Although these releases have one long track each (Unvarnished has two performances of the same piece) at no time do they get dull, the drones and effects constantly morph and build to the very end and silence. If anything sounded like a snowball hurtling down a hill and off a cliff it's this. Sort of.

Looking forward to the double CD forthcoming on Students Of Decay too.

The Terrible Realisation We Might Be Wrong

Folk Song For Contradiction

Blue Light District

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