Wednesday, 14 February 2007

As it's valentine's day why not wallow a bit with these crazy ironic mash-ups. Actually it's part one and two of the infamous Melancholy Flowers mixes.

If you don't have these, get them, enjoy them, cry just a little bit.


Anonymous said...


That is a great mix!

On every and any level that is pure and utter class

Not heard the second one yet ...but ...blimey yeh Melancholy Flowers 1 - is a genuine proper top mix

Blendwise...hell... everything wise that is special stuff

You have a gift sir!
Selection wise , skillwise , headwise - dogs bollocks

(tho at times needed bit more hip hop-)

Brilliant !

bobby corridor said...

Many thanks and your are completely correct!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making Melancholy Flower; I love it. =)

Aendaman said...

Totally awesome!

bobby corridor said...