Monday, 12 February 2007

Scratching to the beat in stereo

Check this out (ah yeah), the top four from the 1986 DMC finals. DJ Cheese (winner) with his all scratching set and the others with more of the old-fashioned disco mixes. I assume that Chad Jackson's ropey scratching is because he's using a grandfather clock or something. Of course he went on to better things (an appearance on the Wide Awake Club) while Cheese (as legend has it) had the honour of signing an autograph for John Peel.


strictly kev said...

chad was scratching with his foot at the end of the set, possibly also with a ball and a pool cue (I forget) There was even a picture of him doing the foot scratch in Record Mirror the week after I think.
Crimminal how underrated DJ Cheese is in the Hip hop hall of fame (this man made me want to learn to scratch) Do a google image search on him and that is the only picture that comes up. King Kut, Coast to Coast and all the Beauty & the Beat records are legend.

bobby corridor said...

I have a video of Chad on the Wide Awake Club teaching Timmy Mallett his scratching with pool cues annd various balls.

You're right about Cheese.

And that one picture reminds me of Scientist

Anonymous said...

Many thanks .

Aye Kev has a point about Cheese -he did so many great rythmic scratches on a fair share of top hip hop gems and does get .
Nice to hear the pre-techno Orland Voorn also.


Anonymous said...

and does get forgotten at times.

i meant to say ....well....type