Sunday, 4 February 2007

It's the mixmaster

Mixmaster Mike did a series of excellent mixes in the mid '90s. This is the first one I heard, The Unidentrified Essential. Typically random styles, there's even a huge chunk of a Rahzel/Roots/Wu-Tang freestyle from a Westwood show in the middle. Check the phone call with Grand Wizard Theodore at the end.

I think Rescue 916 is probably better but this is exceedingly good cake. Get it here

Check his site out here


Anonymous said...

Brilliant mixtape.
Like Bob said there were about 4 or 5 Mixmaster Mike mid 90s multi-track mixtapes (under the counter typish "releases"...if ya get me) -all of which pretty much re-confirmed that he was pretty much indeed the Frank Zappa as a scratch DJ and of mixtape making.
Quirky , quite intense and extensive stuff.
This in particular was a great mixtape -maybe not quite up there with the likes of Babus Comprhension or his own Rescue tape but not too far off .
Again has loads of great familiar Mike scratch routines . Heavily cut up stuff , lot of typical word play edits plus a great original breaks segment half way through.
Thoroughly enjoyable stuff....tho it may send you a bit schizo.....-)

bobby corridor said...

how many were there from that era? I've got Neckthrust One and Rescue 916 as well and Muzick's Worst Nightmare on vinyl (although from what I remember that's similar to the Unidentrified.

Anonymous said...

i don't really know the exact number of them there was to be honest .

Rescue 916 , Explosive Box Cassette were the ones i had.
I was vaguley aware of this one and as you say there was Neckthrust One - which is one i also haven't heard

The Explosive Box Cassette mix did have at least one same segment that featured on this mix in it.

bobby corridor said...

I may post Neckthrust One up shortly, again it's all over the place, there's a recording of Klamz Uv Death on it and (as far as I remember) more breaks

bobby corridor said...

and of course there is the Wrists Of Fury video

Anonymous said...

please do.
ill put up the explosive box cassette mix on the ninja forum .
peace. Ad.