Friday, 26 January 2007

Something I prepared earlier

Here's some remixes I did done do from 6 years ago or so, I like them but they may not be good. If they're not, why not enjoy them ironically?

OC- Time's Up (remix)
Alkaholiks & ODB- Hip Hop Drunkies (remix)
ODB- Shimmy Shimmy Ya (remix)
Wu Tang Clan- The Mystery Of Chessboxin' (remix)

all here



that OC remix is the shit. i liked it when i first heard it about 6 years ago and it can still bump.

good to see you blogging. you still doing beats?

i might have to dig out those beat cds you sent me.


G from NYC

Bobby Corridor Snr said...

I need to listen to it again myself

I haven't done any beats since then probably, children and stuff took over, I'm all about the mixes though!