Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Rice and pea

You like rice and pea? Mmmm....

Don't know about you, and maybe because I'm a contrary bastard but when winter kicks in I'll have a phase of listening to old reggae and digging out old albums. So many memories going through old albums, a lot of the old favourites (Sir Coxsone Sound, Jah Shaka Vs Fatman in a Dub Confrontation, I Roy's Crisus Time) remind of an old record shop in Cambridge where I got all these. I think it was called Flashback but I may be wrong, it moved about a bit, was on Silver Street and on Mill Road too.

I got to know the owner and discovered a lot of stuff there. Got a lot of Sugarhill 12"s there too, though for some reason gave up first choice on an orginal of T Ski Valley's Catch the Beat. Oh well. Shame shops like that are disappearing superfast superbad, maybe my kids will get the same buzz on Soulseek but I doubt it.

Any road, enough reminiscing, there's some nice shows to download in reggae expert Steve Barrow's On The Wire archives, two hour shows of Lee Perry, Harry Mudie, Keith Hudson, Augustus Pablo, king Tubby and more, as well as regular shows of all sorts.

Have a go here:

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