Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fresh Start to the Meek 1991 special

and on and on, 3 hours of fine fabrics just thrown together here

NWA- Dayz of Wayback
WC and the Madd Circle- Caught in a Fad
Ghetto Boyz- My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me
OG Style- Sucker
YZ- When the Road is Covered in Snow
Greyson and Jaysun- Livin’ Like a Troopa
Rappinstine- Bang the Drum Slowly
MC Lyte- Search 4 the Lyte
The Jaz- Hypocritters
Queen Latifah- Nature of a Sista
Yo Yo- Make Way for the Motherlode
DJ Quik- Tear It Off
Son of Bazerk- The Band Get Swivey on the Wheels
Public Enemy- Can’t Truss It
Ice T- Ricochet
Cypress Hill- Phuncky Feel One
Downtown Science- This is a Visit
True Culture- So Good It’s Bad
Stetsasonic- Uda Man
Black Sheep- Flavor of the Month
A Tribe Called Quest- Check the Rhime
KMD- Who Me?
UMCs- Anyway the Wind Blows
Prince Rakeem- Deadly Venoms
Del the Funky Homosapien- Ahonetwo
Nice and Smooth- Hip Hop Junkies
EPMD- Rampage (Pete Rock remix)
Kid N Play- Bills at the Door
Heavy D- Don’t Curse
Pete Rock and CL Smooth- The Good Life
Father MC- Lisa Baby (Pete Rock remix)
C Money- Is it Good To Ya?
Renaissance- Flyz in Da Attic
Funkmaster Flex and Nine Double M- Fallin’ (and I Can’t Get Up)
Eric B and Rakim- No Omega (remix)
Massive Attack- Unfinished Sympathy (instrumental)
Laquan- Swing Blue, Sweat Black (remix)
Two Kings in a Cipher- Definition of a King
Tung Twista- Mr Tung Twista
Casper- Adrenaline
Caveman- Cool (‘Cos I Don’t Get Upset) (remix)
Blade- Rough It Up
Dominant Force- Raptivity
Korperayshun- Monkey See, Monkey Do
Gunshot- Crime Story
Hardnoise- Mice in the Presence of the Lion
Son of Noise- Ill Justice
BTX- This Jam is Black
3rd Bass- Portrait of an Artist as a Hood
Brand Nubian- One for All (remix)
Craig G- Here’s the Info
Ed OG and Da Bulldogs- I Got to Have It
Fuschnickens- Ring the Alarm
Main Source- Just Hanging Out (remix)
Gang Starr- Credit is Due


Anonymous said...

is that a radio edit of edo G ?
Pj of herma

bobby corridor said...

I imagine I just went with the first track on the 12" so it would be the clean version