Tuesday, 12 October 2010

1990, Chubb Rock steps upons the scene

A Tribe Called Quest- Pubic Enemy
Chubb Rock- Treat ‘Em Right
Big Daddy Kane- Cause I Can Do It Right
Blvd Mosse- Cause I Can Do It Right
D Nice- Crumbs on the Table (remix)
Boogie Down Productions- Love’s Gonna Getcha
Eric B & Rakim- In the Ghetto
King Tee- Played Like a Piano
King Dee and The Bishop- What’s Your Opinion?
2 Smooth MC’s- The Inventor
Freshco & Miz- Ain’t You Freshco?
Brand Nubian- Drop the Bomb
Public Enemy- Brothers Gonna Work It Out (remix)
Caveman- Victory (remix)
DJ Mink- Can You Relate?
2 the Top- The Matter at Hand
Hardnoise- Untitled
Demon Boyz- International Karate
Blade- Mind of an Ordinary Citizen
Rude Boy Business- Cool Sailing
WBI Red Ninja- Bad Testament
X Clan- Grand Verbalizer (remix)
Lakim Shabazz- Style Wars
The Jaz- The Originators
Movement X- I Deal With Mathematics
Low Profile- Funky Song (remix)
Terminator X- Wanna Be Dancin’
NWA- Sa Prize (pt.2)
Above the Law- Murder Rap
Compton’s Most Wanted- One Time Gaffled ‘Em Up
Master Ace- Go Where I Send Thee
Chill Rob G- Let Me Show You (remix)
Main Source- Lookin’ at the Front Door
L. R.O.C.K.- Let Me Hear Ya Say Yeah
Chill Divine- Long Live the Lyrical
Barsha- Internal Affairs
Kool G Rap- Bad to the Bone (remix)
Nile Kings- Positive Sound
Poor Righteous Teachers- Holy Intellect (remix)
Phase N Rhythm- Hook N Sling
KMD- Peachfuzz
Lord Finesse- Bad Mutha
Intelligent Hoodlum- Microphone Check
A Tribe Called Quest- When the Papes Come (remix)
Ice Cube- Once Upon a Time in the Project (instrumental)


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harvey said...

Yeah enjoying these mixes thanks