Monday, 23 June 2008

B-Boys to Men

Just finished this hip hop megamix, 600+ tracks and 90 minutes long

Done partly to have my say in the hip hop megamix arena and prove that they can flow, partly to pay homage to the music I grew up with and partly to make sense of something and maybe, just maybe move on("he'll grow out of it").

I could work on it for daddy long time but need to bid it farewell and release it into the world

*wipes tear*

Get it here

Now what do I do?


SeanBlaze said...

This is truly an amazing work of art. I believe that it must have taken so much time to compile this. Truly appreciate it. As a fellow DJ/Hip Hop Head/engineer, I have one question: how?

Peace and looking forward to future projects


bobby corridor said...

Thanks, nice to know it's being appreciated

It didn't take that long in terms of actual work but it took a long time just staring at the screen and wondering what I was doing and why! I was also conscious of there being a flow which is hard to get with that many tracks.

All in all, it took about 6 months on and off, largely off waiting to get some inspiration or ripping instrumentals from vinyl.

And how? Mixmeister and a bit of cubase for recording scratches and delays.

There are plenty of other mixes around of different genres, I will find you a couple of links

bobby corridor said...

melancholy flowers


carwhy said...

love your melancholy flower mix part 1, maybe you can reup part 2 too?

liebe grüße


bobby corridor said...

deadfunny said...

I love U man! Thanx 2 your mix I found the track which is my all-time fave and it's called "psycho" from the LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND! Until this time, I didn't know anything about the band who made it, i just had the track from a mix, but now, you opened my eyes! God bless ya!

Dynagroover said...

Holeeee shit man.. this is one hell of a mix. was this made using strictly software?

you need to make an official cover for this.


bobby corridor said...

thanks DG

it was mainly software based, a couple of little scratches here and there but the vast majority of the tracks started out with me ripping vinyl

I never do covers (or anything beyond the mix really) as I like to just throw them out without a fanfare (best blah blah ever etc etc) and see where they end up!