Thursday, 9 August 2007

Big Chill 2007

I played at the Big Chill last weekend, unfortunately I was on at the same time as the institution that is Norman Jay so most people were off being anthemic at the main stage. Nevertheless, I thought my set was OK (a couple of technical problems but I should have known not to mention that the one of the stylus was a bit jumpy- but that's another story), I managed to do what I meant to do and there weren't too many mistakes (starting a record at the wrong speed towards the start was quite obviously a homage to John Peel what with his son playing after me and all).

Any roads ups, you can have a listen to a home recorded version of the mix here.


Stick said...

Spot on!

Saw a lil bit of your set but the combination of stinking bins by finlandia and heat stroke kicking in meant i had to go for a lie down.. still, a wicked festy hope your then again next year :)

downloading the set now.. came over to your stage as i heard a filthy reggae/electro track with drums that sounded like they had come off super duck breaks? hope its in here

keep up the hard work


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.
Can you please re-up this rare track Funkmaster Flex and Nine Double M - F.A.L.L.I.N. (And You Can't Get Up)
Do you have the B-side of this 12"???
I was looking a eternity for it.
Thank you,
Andy from Germany/Ukraine

tom said...

Hi Bobby

Please can you drop me an email? We'd love you to do us a mix on Spannered...